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For many positions, employers need a fast, easy to use tool to objectively ask applicants the types of questions that are difficult, if not impossible, of people to ask in a consistent and objective manner, while evaluating the answers objectively.  Our Integrity Test is the answer you have been searching for.

Integrity Survey

The Hire Success Overt Integrity Survey, a time-tested screening and evaluation tool in use since 1979, has been fully automated with online technology and added to the HIRE SUCCESS family of products. Questions focus on drug and alcohol use, theft from businesses and employers, attitude toward employers and violence in the workplace.

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Why do we call it a "Survey" instead of a "Test"

We sometimes refer to it as a "test", primarily because we know that is the common terminology people will use when looking for this type of tool online.  However, throughout our site, we will generally refer to this tool as an "Integrity Survey" instead of an "Integrity Test".  When one things of a "test", we tend to think of it as some sort of examination, something we "pass" or "fail".  This tool is not like that.

It is a series of questions, some similar in nature to others, that simply asks a person to select from options or provide a written description of their personal use, over the past 10 years, regarding issues such as use of drugs or alcohol on the job, theft from employers, general attitude toward employers, etc.  Many people feel uncomfortable asking job applicants these types of questions, and it is even more difficult to assure we remember to ask every applicant the same questions, in the same way, and evaluate their responses objectively.  Should we fail, it could be considered discriminatory.  Thus allowing the Online Integrity Survey to provide the Objectivity and Consistency helps you gather the information you need to know while evaluating applicants you are considering hiring.


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